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Eric Cardoso
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The Cardoso Family


Using Our Patented Oriental Rug Washing Method,
Your Oriental Rug Will Always Look Like New!

As An Oriental Rug Owner You Have The Artistic Sensitivity And Good Taste
To Appreciate The Great Value And Beauty of Your Oriental Rug


At  East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning, we don't just vacuum and shampoo your precious Oriental rug. We use our exclusive 7 Step cleaning process that not only uses extra-strength vacuuming but also thoroughly washes both sides of your rug. Then  there is a special detailing process that carefully inspects the fibers and the colors. The final step is the thorough washing and combing of the fringes.

East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning is proud of itís ability to maintain the beauty and value of your Oriental rug. Our clients tell us how good they feel as their friends and other visitors "ooh and ah" when they see their beautiful rugs.

 That  makes us feel good also. Our mission is to keep your Oriental rug in "ooh and ah" condition which gives you the added benefit of protecting the value of your investment.

No one else in our area has the equipment or system to properly care for your prized Oriental rug.
We can do amazing things to revive your Oriental rugs to their natural beauty and value.

Before Cleaning After Cleaning

We urge you to click here to see a full explanation of this superior 7-Step process. You will learn some interesting and surprising facts about why it is so important that your rug get the proper care. 

Call East Bay today for a free inspection and estimate.
This is one call you'll be happy you made and your Oriental rug will be happy, too!

Serving Contra Costa & Tri Valley Area, California since 1983
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East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning
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Eric Cardoso
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